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The First Year Mentors or FYMs are upper-class students who are here to help you during your transition. This year we have 20 FYMs to assist you. FYMs work through the summer planning fun and exciting activities to help get new students connected during Orientation. During the academic year the FYMs design and put on programs specifically for first year students to help make sure your first year at Pitt is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Since the Office of First Year Experience serves all types new students, we are looking to hire a diverse group, specifically commuter and transfer students

Your Current First Year Mentors

Andrew Colaizzi

Hello, my name is Andrew Colaizzi, and I’m looking forward to being a First Year Mentor.

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Katrina Baumann

My name is Katrina Baumann, and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. Read more >

Julia Bucceri

My name is Julia Bucceri, and I’m a junior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Economics and a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. Read more >

Taylor Butler

My name is Taylor Butler and I am a super senior at the University of Pittsburgh. Read more >

Abby Cohen

Hi everyone! My name is Abby Cohen, and I was born and raised in the little town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Read more >

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Chelsie Conn

My name is Chelsie Conn. I am from Reno, Pennsylvania. Read more>

Jason Davison

Hi there, everyone! My name is Jason Davison and I am an incoming sophomore that hails from outside Atlanta, Georgia. Read more >

David De Leon

Hey everyone! My name’s David De Leon, and I’m from Emerson, New Jersey. Read more

Kevin Duffy

My name is Kevin Duffy and I am from Macomb, Michigan. Read more >

Erin Fennessy

Hi everyone, my name is Erin Fennessey and I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Read more >

Natalie Foster

My name is Natalie Foster and I will be a junior here this fall. Read more >

Gabrielle Glenn

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Glenn and I am from Bowie, Maryland. Read more >

Sarah Honsaker

I’m a super senior (fifth year senior) from Uniontown, PA majoring in Psychology/Pre-med and minoring in Chemistry, Italian Studies (Ciao tutti) and Classics. Read more >

Mona Kazour

Hey everyone! My name is Mona Kazour and I will be a junior, in the Applied Developmental Psychology program here at Pitt (whoa, weird).  Read more >

Greg Kunis

Hey Everybody! My name is Greg Kunis and I'm from Chambersburg Pennsylvania.  Read more >

Lisa McNamee

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa McNamee and I’m from St. Louis, Missour Read More >

Shivani Patel

Hello everyone! My name is Shivani Patel and I am currently a junior. Read more>

Kayla Rudisel

HI!! I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more>

Ashley Sisk

Hello everyone!  My name is Ashley Sisk and I’m from Upper Burrell, Pennsylvania, about 40 minutes from Oakland.  Read more>

Scott Taylor

Hi everyone!  My name Scott Taylor and I am from Baltimore, MD. Read more>

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